How do I sign up for a time slot?

First you’ll click “Schedule” on our site. You’ll either enter your account username/password, or create an account if you haven’t already registered with us before. Once you sign in/create an account, you’ll be directed to a calendar view of the next 7 days (best viewed in landscape orientation on mobile devices). Any time frame that is available will be shaded with a grid. To choose a time slot, click and hold 2 seconds at the starting time, and drag down until your desired end time. Once you let go, you’ll get a popup to confirm your time frame. If all looks good, click Yes. You’re good to go! (For a more detailed explanation, see the Schedule post)

Can I work out with a partner/friend?

Yes! With the understanding that we generally have just one of most equipment ( e.g. you couldn’t both run at the same time because we only have one treadmill), we are happy to have you work out with someone else! As usual, any first time visits need to include a safety briefing on our equipment with us and first time users need to sign the waiver and release of liability. If you do work out with a friend in the space we urge you to take the CDC guidelines into account, which can be found here.

In order to invite someone to your session, to split the cost of the hour, when you create your session on the schedule page there is a text box where you can put their email address. They will get an automated email from our system notifying them of the request. When they login they will see a blue outlined session, and if they click on it they will be able to accept the request by pressing the Yes button on the modal.

What is the cost to work out?

The cost is $5/hour to utilize the facility. We feel this is a great value considering that you will have complete and private access to top of the line weight and cardio equipment during your reserved time frame. Furthermore, we do not collect any joining fees or upfront monthly fees. You will only be charged for the time you spend in our gym for the previous month. In this way, you are not paying for time you aren’t using, e.g. if you are sick one week or travel out of town. We want you to consider this a wise investment in yourself. (For a more detailed explanation, see Small Gym Motivation post )

What equipment do you have?

We have 1 commercial NordicTrack treadmill and 1 commercial NordicTrack spin bike, both with iFit workout capabilities. We have Rogue lifting equipment, including a Bench Press and Squat Rack. We have a TRX suspension and Archon cable systems. Finally, we have a wide selection of stability balls, dumbells, kettlebells, and medicine balls. We have wifi and a Bluetooth system that you can tie into to listen to your own music or podcasts while you work out! Check out our “Equipment Check” series of posts to learn more.

Have other Questions?

Feel free to contact us through our Contact page and ask us!